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The Provider that Cares. Let us help you, your savings, and your young ones, Blossom and Grow.

  • Employers can save up to £402 per annum per employee

  • Parents can save up to £933 per annum or up to £1866 if both parents are on scheme

  • Childcare Providers can register free of charge and enjoy free on line advertising through Blossom website

Blossom Childcare Vouchers

Saving money is a priority for employers and parents alike. So here at Blossom Childcare Vouchers we have developed a scheme that will benefit both.

We will provide, manage and develop an individual caring Salary Sacrifice (Exchange) Scheme for Employers. By entering in to the Scheme it will enable the employees who are parents and who pay for childcare to take advantage of the Government Initiative that was introduced in April 2005 to help parents with their childcare costs.

This is achieved by either or both of the parents not paying any Tax or National Insurance on the Salary Sacrifice (Exchange) amount. It also benefits the employer who would not pay any National Insurance on each individual employees Salary Sacrifice (Exchange) amount. It is a win win outcome for everyone.

Blossom will work with the employer every step of the way to introduce the benefits to the workplace and manage the Salary Exchange Scheme.

For the employee by exchanging part of their monthly salary for Blossom Childcare Vouchers (up to £243 per month) savings can be made of up to £933 per annum (£1866 if both parents are registered on the scheme).

Employers can make Savings up to £402 per annum per employee.

We at Blossom Childcare Vouchers will work directly with the nominated child care provider. Once all necessary criteria have been met they can then register with us free of charge.

By entering in to the scheme everyone’s minds can be put at ease in the knowledge that savings are being made; children are being looked after; and payments are been met.